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Try SmartHippo, Social Lead Generation

SmartHippo has extended a special offer to existing Kaleidico clients. If your are interested contact your Account Executive.

As you may remember, from our past introduction of SmartHippo, they are a new community approach to lead generation.

If you want to learn more about them they were featured at TechCrunch40 and LeadCritic did an interesting in-depth interview.

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Cold Calling 2.0

Aaron Ross, creator of’s $20 million tele-prospecting team, is teasing out the concept of cold calling 2.0. Now, besides the tired nature of the 2.0 idiom, I am a bit interested.

The Internet has caused an odd brand of customer engagement that is not cold calling, but has many of the challenges and pitfalls of this brand of sales. Here are a few of the elements that I think are central to a discussion of "cold calling 2.0":

  • Automated account (consumer) context generation
  • Demand-based lead inventory and sales capacity management
  • Intelligent lead distribution
  • Prospecting automation
  • Effective prospect qualification
  • Effective transfer methodologies
  • Trust building (foreshadowing and fulfilling promises)
  • Agent fatigue
  • Account (consumer) fatigue

But, until a good discussion can be flushed out you can start building your tele-prospecting team today. Take your newest 10% and you bottom 10% and put them on the prospect team. They should warm and pre-qualify each lead and transfer to top performers.

This introductory tele-prospecting team build two important foundation principles within the sales force:

  • Performance is rewarded
  • Creates a sense of appreciation (value) for leads

Happy hunting!

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The Secret of When to Call Internet Leads

I have often talked about the power of managing call back periods in the lead management process to enhance Internet lead contact rates and conversion. This discussion has often yielded special data on how leads submitted by consumers on specific days of the week (i.e., on the weekend) tend to be contacted and convert at a higher rate.

Now there is a quantitative contact and qualification study, conducted on Internet leads outside of the mortgage industry, that seems to reflect similar observations. Here are a few of the key findings of Franklin Covey’s study of their Internet leads outbound (telemarketing) contact center’s findings:

  • Follow-up must happen within the first 24 hours from inquiry
  • Contact rates and qualifications are highest between 3-6 p.m. local

    • Interestingly, 3:30-4:25 is peak for conversion, yet 5:15-5:25 is peak for contact
  • Best contact rates are found on Friday (note: this call center did not operating on Saturday or Sunday)

This obviously shows the criticality of being able to manage these call back periods and prioritizing sales activities based on these optimal times and frequency. This is true sales force automation.

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Join Me at the Online Lead Quality Summit

I am a lucky man! I have a market full of mortgage and lead generation companies sweating bullets over the current environment and I get to give the opening session at TargusInfo’s Online Lead Quality Summit on "Surviving the Mortgage Implosion."

So, why exactly am I lucky? It’s in Las Vegas (September 19-20). And because, I do have a roadmap and it is not a survival plan it is a growth plan!

Here are some of the things I will be covering:

  • The reality of the market
  • Can you get your share and meet your goals?
  • Lender opportunities
  • Building trust online
  • Changing your marketing paradigm
  • Lead provider opportunities
  • Building a better lead
  • Getting off the roller coaster and start "stocking the pond"

If you want to hear it along with a lot of other smart ideas and people, register here.

If you are a lender and want the "friends and family" price email me at bill.rice [at] kaleidico [dot] com. If you are a lead provider I have some limited discount too.

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Can you trust a man in overalls on Interest Rates?

I only posted this because it is an unshaven man in overalls giving serious, straight-faced advise on interest rates, the economy, and stock picking. It made me laugh and got me to sign-up for his free email commentary.

Internet consumers love raw, naked (not always figuratively), honesty in simple language. Sometimes the overalls and tin roofed front porch makes it more convincing. Market a little more raw (i.e., blogs, Facebook, YouTube)!

Surviving the Mortgage Implosion Presentation

I am polishing up my presentation for the TargusInfo Online Lead Quality Summit and I nearly forgot my most valuable resource in preparing my thoughts–My Readers!

The topic: Surviving the Mortgage (Subprime) Implosion

The teaser: “Online lead generators and buyers in the mortgage space learn how to overcome the challenges of generating quality leads in today’s existing mortgage marketplace.”

So, here are my questions to you:

  • If you were in the audience what would you want to hear about?
  • If you were giving the presentation what would you talk about?
  • What are your biggest fears in this market?
  • What do you see as the biggest opportunities?
  • What are you doing to survive?

Here are a few things I have already written about the mortgage implosion.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below or directly to me at:
bill.rice [at]

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The Secret that Successful Mortgage Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Ever wonder the secret to growing your mortgage business in good and bad times? Ever wonder how some notable mortgage companies continue to gobble market share every year while others implode?


Quicken Loan’s Dan Gilbert gives you a couple of “surviving the mortgage implosion” tips in a recent interview, but I will point out the real hidden gem:

“less people buying marketing and advertising on the Internet where we play”

Keep trying to harvest dry rolodexes, realtor referrals, and bankrupt builders. Meanwhile, your consumers have moved to the Internet.

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