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Evaluating Internet Lead Providers

As you can tell by our launch of Lead and our Internet Lead Buying Checklist, becoming educated about lead buying and Internet lead generation is becoming a priority to many mortgage lenders in this tightening market.

Here is another good resource on evaluating Internet lead providers from ProspectZone.

In full disclosure, they are a lead generator and do provide Kaleidico’s icoSales clients with leads. However, I think the white paper is very objective in giving you advice on selecting lead providers and even on reviewing lead management or CRM solutions to use with Internet lead providers.

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Lead Buying Discussions and News

I don’t want to duplicate my postings, but the lead provider and lead buying market has a lot of interesting things going on that are important to sales.

Here are a few items to check-out:

Get a Consistent Contact Strategy

If you are looking to consistently close more of your Internet leads Jason cites as close to a silver bullet solution as there is in this growing sales environment–creating a telemarketing front-end.

This ability to quickly receive, contact, and pre-qualify fresh inquiries is critical. It gives a more responsive and trust-building customer experience and allows for the prompt triage of high volumes of inquiries. Having made initial contact and assessing the consumer’s true need that telemarketing group can effectively hot transfer (provided your lead management system has that feature) that lead data and phone conversation to a more skill or appropriately licensed mortgage loan officer, realtor, education enrollment counselor, or insurance agent or statusing the lead into a lead nurturing or cultivation process if the consumer is not ready or not immediately qualified.

If you are not working you Internet leads like this you are definitely affecting your conversion rate and frustrating you skilled sales people.