Try SmartHippo, Social Lead Generation

SmartHippo has extended a special offer to existing Kaleidico clients. If your are interested contact your Account Executive.

As you may remember, from our past introduction of SmartHippo, they are a new community approach to lead generation.

If you want to learn more about them they were featured at TechCrunch40 and LeadCritic did an interesting in-depth interview.

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3 responses to “Try SmartHippo, Social Lead Generation

  1. Bill,
    This is great opportunity to try a platform that is on the cutting edge and that truly is out there to help the consumer. Why wouldn’t a mortgage shop want to be apart of this? I spoke to one of the founders and he mentioned other great features they are rolling out for the banks and brokers. Definitely worth a look.

  2. if anyone from shippo reads this – please contact me – i couldnt find anywhere on the site where new lenders can sign up –

    also, the purchase form is asking questions for refi borrowers..

  3. Madison Florence

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