LowerMyBills.com Improving Quality Despite Pundits

LowerMyBills.com has taken it’s fair share of abuse over the last several months. However, there seems to be a trend emerging in application rates that speaks for itself.

If you are not a LowerMyBills.com client or have been in the past you may want to take another look.

If you are selecting online lead providers or looking to add Internet mortgage originations to your current business don’t forget to build a plan and do the math. Lead Marketwatch is a big part of this equation–giving you objective numbers to calculate benchmark marketing ROIs.

If you need assistance or have questions about Lead Marketwatch feel free to call the lead management experts at Kaleidico: 866-667-5253 or http://www.kaleidico.com.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other consistently strong players in this stack:

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3 responses to “LowerMyBills.com Improving Quality Despite Pundits

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  2. Anytime a large company decreases advertising spend, as LMB has since the subprime melt down, you should see an increase in quality. This increase in quality occurs because the first ad campaigns to get cut are the ones with the worst results.

  3. Hillary,

    Good point. Consistency and sustainability is critical to the lead buying clients. They are in the core business of making loans not chasing after the hottest lead provider today.

    That is why we like the ongoing stability in quality shown by providers like ZipSearch! and LendingTree. And why we show a short-term and long-term rolling average.

    We will see if LowerMyBills can hold or improve their numbers over the long-term.


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