Kaleidico is coming to Los Angeles and San Diego

Keith Burwell and I will be in California most of next week and we would love the opportunity to get everyone (lenders, lead providers, etc.) together for dinner.

Any suggestions for good places to gather?

Here is the tentative schedule:

If you can make it and/or have an idea for a location leave a comment, call, or email me.

UPDATE: Feel free to invite anyone that you think will be interested. These are informal, fun, and full of networking opportunities!

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9 responses to “Kaleidico is coming to Los Angeles and San Diego

  1. Looking forward to your visit. There’s much to discuss in the mortgage lead marketplace. A lot of secrets to share…

    Downtown offers many restaurants. The Palm and Morton’s being two old school favorites.

    Del Mar’s plaza is very popular with Il Forneo leading the pack. Located close to the ocean with ample space for drinks, this may be a good meeting spot.

    My home would be another option… but no competitors allowed πŸ™‚

    Let me know what you guys decide.

    David Schneider
    800.949.2919, ext. 107

  2. I am a big fan of Morton’s too. I will be there!
    Anybody else coming?

  3. We’ll see how the vote turns out.

    Another question comes to mind since we have a situation that begs for a test.

    I am wondering which venue will draw the largest crowd–San Diego or Los Angeles? Which is the center of the Lead Generation and Internet Mortgage Originations world?

  4. Doccini’s is another good spot and may be more appropriate. Has a large bar area πŸ™‚

  5. We’re talking LA aren’t we?

    I think Mortons is a great place as well.

  6. Actually, I think the Morton suggestion was for San Diego.

    We are going to do dinner in San Diego on Wednesday for people in that area. And then do dinner on Thursday for people in the LA area.

  7. The Cannery it is… Thanks for this opportunity Bill… looking forward to meeting you…

  8. Bill,
    Did you come out with the fires? or did you reschedule. Like to connect.


  9. We made it there and back! Take a look at the photos I blogged and flickr’d above.

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