Cold Calling 2.0

Aaron Ross, creator of’s $20 million tele-prospecting team, is teasing out the concept of cold calling 2.0. Now, besides the tired nature of the 2.0 idiom, I am a bit interested.

The Internet has caused an odd brand of customer engagement that is not cold calling, but has many of the challenges and pitfalls of this brand of sales. Here are a few of the elements that I think are central to a discussion of "cold calling 2.0":

  • Automated account (consumer) context generation
  • Demand-based lead inventory and sales capacity management
  • Intelligent lead distribution
  • Prospecting automation
  • Effective prospect qualification
  • Effective transfer methodologies
  • Trust building (foreshadowing and fulfilling promises)
  • Agent fatigue
  • Account (consumer) fatigue

But, until a good discussion can be flushed out you can start building your tele-prospecting team today. Take your newest 10% and you bottom 10% and put them on the prospect team. They should warm and pre-qualify each lead and transfer to top performers.

This introductory tele-prospecting team build two important foundation principles within the sales force:

  • Performance is rewarded
  • Creates a sense of appreciation (value) for leads

Happy hunting!

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2 responses to “Cold Calling 2.0

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  2. the mortgage vertical ? sounds like they needed to move quickly to other verticals–but lacked the cash—–i wonder if thats enough money to make these moves to other lead models…they are a good shop and have a quality model/product…

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