TargusInfo Online Lead Quality Summit–Surviving the Mortgage Implosion

I just landed in Vegas! All pumped and ready to take the stage a 2 pm for my discussion on "Surviving the Mortgage Implosion!"

Here is a brief outline for those of you who can’t attend (I will recap in greater detail after the presentation):

  • Where we start?

    • No silver bullet
    • Winners are good climbers
    • Economist and the media are lousy business planners
    • Get real, work hard, NOW!
  • Lenders/Brokers

    • Go where the consumers are–It’s the Internet Stupid!
    • Success is in amazing the customer
    • "Climb the Distrust Mountain"
    • Build trust and credibility; organization AND loan officers
    • Treat them like "Glengarry leads"
  • Lead Generation

    • Generate a better lead
    • Content, Intent, Leverage Community, Get Local
    • Stock the pond–Lead Management and Lead Nurturing

This is the presentation for your review and comments:

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2 responses to “TargusInfo Online Lead Quality Summit–Surviving the Mortgage Implosion

  1. Thanks for posting your presentation.

  2. A major problem with internet leads right now, and I’m talking about Leadpoint leads here, so they are coming from a variety of sources, is false advertising.

    I am so sick of dealing with borrowers who tell me they have a 5.5% 30 year fixed, and they filled out the form to see where rates were at because an ad told them that rates were in the 3%-5% range.

    The lead generators do this because it is free money for them. They walk away having turned worthless information into hard cash. Meanwhile, everyone else, the borrower and the brokers/lenders, wastes their time.

    What *I* really want in a lead provider, is one that refunds these worthless, no-chance-of-closing leads, without putting the burden of proof on me, which of course means half or more of the worthless leads won’t be refunded. Once you remove the REWARD for peddling garbage by getting reliable refunds, you’ll see a lot less garbage leads, because the lead provider will tailor marketing to reduce the garbage they aren’t getting paid for.

    Brokers and lenders would pay more for higher quality leads with higher ROIs, and more importantly, higher quality leads would be funneled to the strongest closers. The problem is, there is really no such high quality providers out there. There are EXPENSIVE generators like double positive and (now) lendingtree.

    The garbage is just too valuable right now because too many people are willing to keep paying for it.

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