Join Me at the Online Lead Quality Summit

I am a lucky man! I have a market full of mortgage and lead generation companies sweating bullets over the current environment and I get to give the opening session at TargusInfo’s Online Lead Quality Summit on "Surviving the Mortgage Implosion."

So, why exactly am I lucky? It’s in Las Vegas (September 19-20). And because, I do have a roadmap and it is not a survival plan it is a growth plan!

Here are some of the things I will be covering:

  • The reality of the market
  • Can you get your share and meet your goals?
  • Lender opportunities
  • Building trust online
  • Changing your marketing paradigm
  • Lead provider opportunities
  • Building a better lead
  • Getting off the roller coaster and start "stocking the pond"

If you want to hear it along with a lot of other smart ideas and people, register here.

If you are a lender and want the "friends and family" price email me at bill.rice [at] kaleidico [dot] com. If you are a lead provider I have some limited discount too.

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2 responses to “Join Me at the Online Lead Quality Summit

  1. Bill,

    Would love the family and friends pricing, LOL. Looking forward to the convention and would like to touch base on the lead improvement topics you’ll be touching on. Have weproceeded to the point where 3rd party data cleaning is a needed and necessary component of building the better lead?

  2. Noel,

    You have crossed to the dark side. You are neither lender or lead provider anymore–or family or friend–just kidding! I will send you the discount code via email.

    As for data cleansing, I think it is an important part of the lead QC process. Whether it happens at the lead provider or the lead management system (like our integration with TargusInfo).

    Here is a perfect explanation of why: Depending on the lead generation method you are scrubbing, for pennies 15-50%, that is a nice pick-up and far cheaper than your LOs or even a telemarketers’ time/salary.

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