Big Things to Come from Mortgage Adversity

Harvey Mackay reminds us that the best education comes from adversity. He cites many notable people who have pushed through grand adversity to reach notability and significant achievement. One of my favorite historical figures and notable repeat early failure, Abraham Lincoln, gives us the secret to creating big things from adversity:

“My great concern is not whether you have failed but whether you are content with your failure.”

Our news feeds and blogs are full of adversity for the mortgage industry: grand implosions, significant bailouts, and massive lay-offs. However, the good news for the initiated out there is that this is the time for Big Things!

Here is my short list of things I think will change (read: opportunities):

There are many more and most I can’t even conceive from my perspective. These are interesting times–Big Things will come from this doom and gloom!

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One response to “Big Things to Come from Mortgage Adversity

  1. You mention “hyper-local” twice in your post today. I am wondering if you foresee more mortgage brokers lending information to the local public via blogs. I have been on more than a few mortgage brokers blogs and have been thus far impressed by the information given.

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