Paul Knag says Buy Local and Finance Local…

Why can’t this be a real Internet origination strategy? The research has shown that all of these consumers start their buying process online. There are also indications that many may ultimately buy or finance locally.

Why can’t these be compatible?

We know where the properties are down to the Zip Code. Why isn’t anyone effectively aggregating and giving these local banks and branches the buying power. These niche lead buyers could give consumers a great online and offline experience.

I think there is some semblance of this concept in Net Branches, but they have de-evolved into Wild Wild West operations and seem to offer little back to the branch in terms of marketing or sales services.

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One response to “Paul Knag says Buy Local and Finance Local…

  1. This was my exact vision in 1998 when I created is a network of over 700 local cities across all 50 states that seeks to connect local borrowers and local brokers/loan officers using the internet as the starting point.

    We allow mortgage brokers/loan officers to buy leads for their immediate area and all the borrowers are interested in using local solutions.

    Give us a look at


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