Synergy Between Lead Management and Lead Generation

DMConfidential recently published a great trends article about Kaleidico, lead management, and the lead generation industry. It is certainly clear that DMConfidential believes, like we do, that lead management is going to continue to play a central role in helping lead buyers to be more successful in converting their leads:

“Lead management systems are far more complex than affiliate tracking; yet, the majority of affiliate networks use third-party software. The same holds true in the lead world. They either use no software or they use third-party ones like Kaleidco’s IcoSales. Close one more lead, though, which in many markets means thousands in profit, and you can see how this can mean more money to the lead generators and why lead generators should want their buyers to know how to properly work the leads.”

Leveraging technology to create efficiency and consistency in your lead management process is a cheap way to increase your focus on your marketing, sales, and professional core competencies.

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One response to “Synergy Between Lead Management and Lead Generation

  1. This article is right on as we require our clients to either have their own internal lead management technology and process or utilize a group like Kaleidico to great improve the ability to track and convert leads from us, or any other channel a mortgage company may have to generate new prospects.

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