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Buying leads can be a confusing and complicated decision with various lead providers and a broad range of quality and integrity. We view, and protect, our position as a trusted advisor in this part of our value proposition. Therefore, as you know Kaleidico spends a significant amount of time surveying the lead generation market, understanding lead providers various and diverse products, and ensuring we perform due diligence on each partner before we mention them to any customer. A significant part of that process is that I personally like to visit and sit face-to-face with the principles as early in our partnership as possible.

I recently did that with ZipSearch! this week. I must say I think they represent a trend in smaller, perhaps lesser know lead providers that are producing a high-quality lead by focusing on capturing a consumer closer to their buying point and limiting their product to consumers and data that they produce directly and organically.

They have a great team, a passionate and engaging owner, and a awesome view.

In addition, in this post I thought I could demonstrate an important part to being a better closer and before I show you this–to reiterate Kaleidico has no agreements or incentive programs for or from any lead provider.

This is what it is all about–creating value that inspires passionate clients and partners!

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3 responses to “Visit with ZipSearch!

  1. Bill thanks for staying on top of all of it. I passed on Zipsearch some time ago due to the commitment requiring us to take on purchase leads. Albeit a good product even now, it’s just not our product. The ability to geographically target and have assistance targeting “Our borrower” was appealing at the time. Definetly worth a second look. I would like to talk about a conversation I had with my co-founders here the other day, they mentioned that it looked like I was having fun with meetings, dinners, lunches, all to decide which direction our firm was headed…Boy if they only knew. This is the most exciting time I’ve had in this business and I look forward gleefully to the changes in the environment and maturation of relationships between vendors/LMB providers and buyers.

  2. Someone just brought this posting to my attention so I thought a clarification was appropriate. First of all, let me thank Bill Rice for his kind words. offers two basic services. Directory listings and Pay-Per-Lead.

    Directory Listings:
    Clients advertising on our six directory websites receive a combination of purchase and refinance inquiries – whatever each borrower wants. The purchase to refinance ration mix is currently approximately 50/50.

    Pay Per Lead:
    Our new direct internet advertising, domain and search generated service offers 100% pure refinance leads, no purchase leads at all. They are also minimum $75,000 loan amounts.

    Hope that helps. By the way, all leads are scrubbed through Targus before distribution.


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