Prepare to Win

This is one of my favorite quotes, from one of the all-time most winning coaches in College basketball, Bobby Knight:

“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.”

Get out a note card and a Sharpie and write that quote down and tack it near your phone or on your computer. This is one of the primary keys to success.

If you don’t do the hard work. If you don’t devote the preparation time to build the skills of success, then you are merely a Con-Artist and confidence tricks can not sustained. Proof Tiger Woods still hits 400 golf balls a day in his training routine. That is sustainable skill building.

The lesson here–Do the Preparation!

Read about the Mortgage Markets:

Read about being a Good Mortgage Broker/Banker:

  • David Porter at Mortgage Broker Coaching gives you proven, success building, mortgage professional habits
  • Dave Savage at Savage Insights gives you immediate sales impact sales techniques you can use today to increase your production

Read about being a Good Marketer:

Read about being a Good Sales Person:

  • Jeffrey Gitomer at Buy Gitomer will give you a weekly dose of kick in the ass sales motivation
  • Charles Green at Trusted Advisor will show you how to transform sales into trusted relationships

Take a little time today or this weekend to Prepare to Win.

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2 responses to “Prepare to Win

  1. Bill,

    Thanks for you mention of my new blog! I appreciate your confidence!

    David A. Porter
    Mortgage Broker Coaching, LLC

  2. Sustainable skill building is essential to be successful in any aspect of our life, particularly in business. These are some great suggestions as to how to build a wealth of information to expand our business knowledge as it pertains to sales. It should be noted that a focus on skill building in ones personal life leads to a balance which has a synergetic response effecting all aspects of life. A balanced in our personal and professional life is an insurance policy for overall success.

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