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Announcing Leads2007, The Event of 2007!

A unique, new event to the lead buying and selling marketplace–Leads2007. When asked to explain the event I am describing it as an “on-demand” “unconference.”

Delivering instant gratification and immediacy of use based on you creating and participating directly in the agenda of the event.
Leads2007 takes the “experts” off the stage and engages the daily operators in the “audience” to discuss real needs and solutions

Kaleidico has gotten the ball rolling, but this is YOUR conference. There is a lot to do in a short amount of time so if you want to make this valuable to you, you need to participate.


This blog will have notes on the day to day planning and details and some comments on the event as it comes together, but the real work is getting done on the Leads2007 Wiki (remember it is your conference so you get to edit it anyway you want it).

There is a minimal fee–$99, which you can register and pay in the upper right-hand corner of this page. This is to defray the cost of renting the rooms at the University to support the sessions. This is intended to be a break-even event for Kaleidico, not a revenue stream.


The University of South Florida has agreed to allow our use of their Graduate School of Business. This was chosen to reflect the get it done, working nature of Leads2007. The focus is to spend two intense days together discussing real challenges, big ideas, executable solutions, and building relationships and frameworks that make the market better for all involved. We will all party together at AdTech and the MBA.


August 13-14, 2007

Get an edge on the Market–REGISTER NOW!

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Surviving the Mortgage Implosion

Todd Carpenter at Lenderama has a great post about perspective in the current mortgage market. Do some deep breathing, get focused, get intense, and analyze the data:

Most homeowners in today’s market have had a 7% or maybe even an 8%+ loan in their past, and I’m not talking twenty years ago either. You are likely more freaked out about this then they are.

If May foreclosures DOUBLED in your state, that likely means they went from something like .2% of all loans, to .4%. It’s bad, but jeez, a little perspective is in order.

Most homeowners have good credit. If half your loans are for clients with sub 600 credit scores, then half your clients are in the bottom 15% of all borrowers. Think about that.

Stated Income loans are not the most popular type of loan originated. Neither are Option ARMs, or sub prime loans, or 100% financing.

I would add that the MBA continues to estimate the 2007 originations at $2.56 TRILLION–you think you can get enough of that to keep up whatever lifestyle you want!

By the way, that estimate is up from when I built and gave my $10 million sales plan presentation:

Who knows, as Morgan Brown at points out, our panic may even be contributing to mortgage customers hesitation and jeeters in getting into the right mortgage for a changing market.

Improve Your Mortgage Lead Buying and Fantasy Team

Ever wonder what mortgage lead buying and fantasy baseball have in common? Check out my first guest post on Lenderama and improve your mortgage production and fantasy baseball standings in a single read.

Visit with ZipSearch!

Buying leads can be a confusing and complicated decision with various lead providers and a broad range of quality and integrity. We view, and protect, our position as a trusted advisor in this part of our value proposition. Therefore, as you know Kaleidico spends a significant amount of time surveying the lead generation market, understanding lead providers various and diverse products, and ensuring we perform due diligence on each partner before we mention them to any customer. A significant part of that process is that I personally like to visit and sit face-to-face with the principles as early in our partnership as possible.

I recently did that with ZipSearch! this week. I must say I think they represent a trend in smaller, perhaps lesser know lead providers that are producing a high-quality lead by focusing on capturing a consumer closer to their buying point and limiting their product to consumers and data that they produce directly and organically.

They have a great team, a passionate and engaging owner, and a awesome view.

In addition, in this post I thought I could demonstrate an important part to being a better closer and before I show you this–to reiterate Kaleidico has no agreements or incentive programs for or from any lead provider.

This is what it is all about–creating value that inspires passionate clients and partners!

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Better Closer Blog Featured in Enterprise Notebook

They asked Kaleidico to talk about the importance of corporate blogging. I think the most important, and most often missed, theme in this article is that blogs should be about YOU, my customers and engaging YOU in conversation about things that make YOUR business more successful.

What would you like to see more of on the Better Closer Blog?

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Prepare to Win

This is one of my favorite quotes, from one of the all-time most winning coaches in College basketball, Bobby Knight:

“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.”

Get out a note card and a Sharpie and write that quote down and tack it near your phone or on your computer. This is one of the primary keys to success.

If you don’t do the hard work. If you don’t devote the preparation time to build the skills of success, then you are merely a Con-Artist and confidence tricks can not sustained. Proof Tiger Woods still hits 400 golf balls a day in his training routine. That is sustainable skill building.

The lesson here–Do the Preparation!

Read about the Mortgage Markets:

Read about being a Good Mortgage Broker/Banker:

  • David Porter at Mortgage Broker Coaching gives you proven, success building, mortgage professional habits
  • Dave Savage at Savage Insights gives you immediate sales impact sales techniques you can use today to increase your production

Read about being a Good Marketer:

Read about being a Good Sales Person:

  • Jeffrey Gitomer at Buy Gitomer will give you a weekly dose of kick in the ass sales motivation
  • Charles Green at Trusted Advisor will show you how to transform sales into trusted relationships

Take a little time today or this weekend to Prepare to Win.

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