Create a Conversation with Your Prospects

Priceless video of how most of us approach our prospective customers. We treat them as statistics, demographic segments, and dialer targets. If you are not willing to have a two-way conversation they may be leaving the table because of you not your product or service.

Blogs are famous for this. It is hard not to fall trap to talking about ME and not YOU. Telling you instead of asking questions. So, has anyone out there used any creative techniques to create two-way, interesting, and engaging conversations with prospective customers?

One response to “Create a Conversation with Your Prospects

  1. Hilarious video. Questions are indeed the key to a good sales process. But not only is it important to ask questions, but you have to ask the right questions. What is more, you have to ask the questions in the right way. If you are in sales and have never read the book, “SPIN Selling,” by Neil Rackham, go to Amazon and buy it immediately. This isn’t some book by a sales-whiz giving you anecdotes about why he or she is the best salesman ever. This was a 12 year, $1 million research project into sales productivity. Essentially, in order to conduct a successful sales call, you need to ask the following types of questions in the following order: Situation Questions, Problem Questions, Implication Questions and Need-payoff questions. By far the most important of these is the “Implication,” question where you really get to the “pain,” that the consumer is experiencing, the true need for your service or product. Then you can direct the Need-payoff questions directly to that need. Now you are not selling, you are solving problems thereby gaining a client for life.

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