The Fallacy of Prioritization

Prioritization of tasks, or leads, is a false comfort that you are optimizing your production results. The real truth is that you are allocating time and resources to guess at what may be more valuable if you spend time on or accomplish the task.

This is even a bigger fallacy as it pertains to sales leads since you have no insight into a buyers intent. You may prioritize a larger deal higher than smaller, but you may be able to equal revenue with smaller lower decision threshold accounts.

The key is determining whether you are or are not going to do the task and then getting immediately to working the list. Determine whether you are going to work the lead or not and then pick up the phone.

One response to “The Fallacy of Prioritization

  1. With regard to selling and prioritizing sales leads, this concept definitely holds true. In other more general areas, however, prioritizing your activities may not deserve short shrift. For example, some (usually very unsuccessful) people may tend to fill their entire days with menial tasks which are of no import whatsoever, just so they can feel “busy” all day long. Well, this is obviously a waste of time. If you want some sort of insurance that you will be successful, determine what activities will get you closer to your goals, and then get busy! At that point, as the entry points out, further over-prioritization may be a waste of your valuable time…

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