What Can You Learn from Celebrity Gossip Blogs?

A recent Hitwise study (registration required) seems to be indicating an increasing consumer preference for raw, uncensored information.

An overview of this report from the Center for Media Research says:

The market share of visits to the top 20 celebrity gossip blogs grew 42 percent from November 2006 to March 2007 as Internet users sought uncensored and up to the minute information on celebrity events.

What can you take away for your marketing? Do you have a website or a blog venue that delivers immediate, raw, uncensored commentary on things that are important or interesting to your clients? Hint is should go beyond rate and payment teasers. There is a lot of drama and personality in the mortgage and real estate business let your client know about it…

Did you know Angelo Mozilo and Directors have been exercising and selling options like mad at Countrywide? Can you use that on your next sales call when you are competing with Countrywide and remind the client of th New Century fiasco? Good gossip, may make good marketing and sales.

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One response to “What Can You Learn from Celebrity Gossip Blogs?

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