Are You a Cover Band?

Cover bands play the greatest hits, just like everyone else can, but not quite as good as the original. Is this the way your selling proposition or story plays to your prospects?

Before your next call think about what makes your company and you a unique proposition to your customer. What is the compelling story you are going to tell your next mortgage lead?

Here are a few idea triggers:

  • Are you the preferred mortgage lender for that prospect’s employer? (Why not?)
  • Are you the preferred provider to your prospects Realtor?
  • Have you been in business through markets like this? Did you survive and counsel borrower through the late 90’s?
  • Do you have special expertise and experience in a niche product like FHA or Reverse Mortgages?
  • Do you have a great customer education and borrower for life program? Can you show them a sample?
  • Can you offer them credit and financial objective check-ups?
  • Do you have a website the demonstrates your expertise and places the emphasis in putting the borrower in control?
  • Are you the top this or that?

Seth Godin makes a clear point that cover bands don’t change the world and they don’t fill the stands or your mortgage production targets!

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One response to “Are You a Cover Band?

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