Check the Market and Update Your Playbook

This is a short good habit building reminder:

Check your market (short and long-term):

Check mortgage product trends:

  • Unfortunately, I haven’t found an easy, free, way to do this so you will have to start your own ticker
  • My initial suggestion…track the home pages and public statements of the big boys: Countrywide (who recently reported they are canning their pay-option products), Quicken Loans (who’s SecureAdvantage, a pay-option product, just vanished from the face of all advertising), that right their should give you all a full months production saving these clients from neg-am mayhem
  • If you are buying Internet leads chances are these are the clients you are getting and the players with which you are competing–so know the current and past product mix
  • If anyone else finds a good resource for doing this–let us know with a comment

Update your playbook:

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