Bubbles are Good!

Bubbles are great. Good for the Market and even better for top sales people! Jonathan Miller of the Matrix Blog highlights the opportunities of economic Bubbles in his If Greed Is Good…Bubbles Are Good post.

Bubbles are really a necessary component of free markets. We don’t artificially regulate our US economy so naturally they are going to overheat and hyper-cool sometimes.  So how does that help you as a top  loan officer? Well, it gives you:

  • Rate shocks and volatility to give you future product opportunity
  • Gives you a reason to counsel jittery clients
  • And most importantly, it clears out all the schisters and hucksters that our industry attracts in good times

Take the opportunity in this tightening market to pull your new and existing clients in REALLY tight so they don’t get hurt in the next cycle. Go grab some market share this week!

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