Use icoSales to Adopt “Orphaned” Loans

Savage Insights, of Mortgage Coach, is becoming one of my favorites for ideas on squeezing more out of your sales pipeline, both current and past. Here is another gem: Savage Insights: STRATEGY ALERT: Generate 3-Plus Loans Now By Adopting “Orphaned” Loans!

The concept is simple. In any mortgage company there is a fair amount of turn-over. However, instead of valuing our customers as within the arms of our mortgage company we often only consider them at the Loan Officer level. The result, your mortgage company creates and looses “orphaned” clients everyday to other Loan Officers and Mortgage Companies.

Fortunately for you icoSales users, this past client capture process that Dave is talking about can be automatic with your Lead Automated Workflow Engine. Here are the simple steps:

  • When you inactive a user in icoSales have their leads transfer to a new Channel (“Orphaned Customers Channel”)
  • Determine which Teams or LOs you want to get this new lead flow
  • Open that Channel to these teams(s) or individual(s) and have them make an introduction: “Hi, I’m Bill Rice and I am on {past loan officers} team and he wanted me to give you a call an check on you. Are you still in that 3 yr IO ARM we set up for you last year…”

Now you have excited LOs with a new source of hot leads–past clients. You can set up targeted (automated) email drip campaigns, you never lose a past client in the shuffle, and the client always knows who to call for a mortgage check-up.

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