Set-up a Contact Team Today

This is something I cover in my presentation on how to organize a sales force, but it so important I thought I would highlight it in a separate post. If you have not set up and designed your lead work flows to leverage a “contact team” then you are losing points of your conversion rate and frustrating your highly skilled “closers.”

Here is the basic concept:

  • Create a “contact team” that is staffed by either new or waning loan officers (this is your farm system for my fellow baseball junkies)
    • They are focused on getting all of the new cold lead flow–Internet channels, credit triggers, lists, etc.
    • They are highly scripted
    • They are trained to introduce the company, foreshadow the process, pre-qualify the lead or inquiry, create motivation in the consumer, market the loan officer getting the transfer
  • Refocus your sales team(s) on following up on past leads, working your highest converting channels, and taking hot transfers

Notes for icoSales users:

  • Create new “contact” team
  • Assign players
  • Use transfer to player or channel functionality to do the live/hot transfers
  • Train and script new Contact Team

Post inspired by Andy Ross’: Different Inside Sales Roles: Qualifying & Closing

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One response to “Set-up a Contact Team Today

  1. I have experience doing this with a very large salesforce (think thousands) and it works – big cost savings and lower employee attrition is what results.

    Think about your best salesperson – how much time do you want them dialing the phone and how much time do you want them to spend actually talking to customers. This sales force segmentatiojn allows them to double their talk time and drastically reduce their dials. The result: a happier, more productive and smaller salesforce

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