Build Good Referral Habits

We covet referrals. We often refer to them ask our top converting “channel” of leads. Unfortunately, I would gues that you have not worked on building good referral building habits. Here are a few–inspired by this article at

  • Set personal goals for the number of referrals you are going to generate every month
  • Set the expectation with each new client that referrals are part of your compensation–“I am going to focus on meeting your mortgage and financial needs because my business depends on being a trusted mortgage adviser to you and to your friends and family for many years to come.”
  • Once you do the great job remind them that their friends and family are probably not as lucky and ask for a referral
  • In each mortgage check-up ask for referrals

Most good referral habits occur when you think about how to specifically place referral foreshadowing, expectations, and requests into your overall sales playbook.

Like any other success, you need to:

  • Goal it
  • Plan it
  • Practice it
  • Measure it
  • Hit it
  • Repeat

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One response to “Build Good Referral Habits

  1. Referrals are truly the King of Leads, because (if everything goes right) they are inexorably linked to someone who liked your service, selling, or necktie enough to pass you along in the first place! You have the added insurance of knowing that these leads can have something positive in their minds from the very outset!

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