Create Your Mortgage Sales Playbook

Did you ever play football or have you at least seen the concept of a playbook?

It is a simple concept and very necessary in mastering a complex, fast paced, explosive sport. You line up against your opponent and have seconds to see, assess, and make adjustments. This three step process and your effectiveness at reading and adjusting is the difference between success and failure.

I see a lot of analogies between mortgage sales and football. We often only have moments to hear our clients situation and goals, assess, and advise. Those few moments determine not only the sale, but your clients success or failure.

Here is a technique I used with both new and seasoned loan officers. Create a mortgage sales playbook:

  • Study the mortgage market for the last 5 years-understand rates and product trends
  • Build the top 10 scenarios (rate and product) that clients are probably currently in
  • Matrix with those scenarios the top 5 potential client financial objectives
  • Create the top 3 solutions/options for each box in the matrix

Now that you have your matrix, get a three-ring binder and create a separate sheet for each. On the sheet should be:

  • Brief client overview
  • Rate scenario, with date ranges
  • Product scenario, with date ranges
  • Client financial objective
  • Top 3 solutions/product options-IMPORTANT: one or more options maybe DO NOTHING or REFER

Now you have at least a 50 page playbook. Study it every night and update. You will be amazed at how productive and professional your qualification, goals, and presentation calls become.

This is one of several techniques in my latest presentation Stop Dialing for Dollars, Start Building a Business:


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