Why Goals Call is Critical with Shifting Market and Products

When markets are volatile and products are as diverse (and creative) as they have been in the last several months a goals call or segment in your sales process is critical. We are often conditioned to lock into one or two products and assume we can compete against a customer’s current product.

This problem was highlighted the other day when one of our customers was looking for sales tips on combatting rate objections. My next natural question was, “what type of product was the customer in currently in or was the competitor offering?” Quickly followed by, “what were the financial objectives of that client?” The mortgage broker didn’t know the answer to either question, but immediately told me what product they were offering.

My response, “Forget the rate objections. If you don’t get the situation and the goals of the borrower you are going to get beat the majority of the time!” The market has done tips and turn and spiral back flips and your competitors have placed borrowers into all manners of creative products–so, you have to find out where you are starting before you start presenting.

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