Lead Marketwatch Launched

Many of you have probably already noticed the new Lead Marketwatch widget on kaleidico.com and may have even wandered over to the new supporting site–leadmarketwatch.com. The response has been amazing. I also want to say that I appreciate all of the feedback and thoughts on where we might go for here.

I wanted to take just a brief moment to give you some of our direct thoughts, here at Kaleidico, about Lead Marketwatch, why we brought it to the market, and where (at least we think) we are headed from here.

The Idea

The idea for Lead Marketwatch was born out of the number one question we get from clients and prospects–“who are the best lead providers?” and the number one question we get from our lead provider partners–“can you tell us how our leads are performing?” So, in a effort to be a good trusted adviser we decided to let the data answer the questions.

How Does it Help the Market?

One of the primary reasons that we created a public widget was that we thought it had value to the whole market.


Purchasing Internet leads can be a significant marketing investment and without some education, knowledge, and effective lead management–it can be a very expensive and sour experience. We have already provided the best in lead management with icoSales, but we thought if we could add to the education and knowledge of the buyer their would be less barrier to enter this strategically important marketing/media buy in a tightening market.


Then, on the flip side, from the perspective of the lead generation providers. They are continually being beat up for lead quality, yet they have no indexes to assess their performance after the lead leaves the distribution engine. We are constantly talking about how important it is to tighten the collaboration between marketing and sales–now we have provided the initial steps in completing the feedback cycle of a lead. Lead Marketwatch now gives lead providers real-time information to make adjustments to their marketing to improve performance.

Want proof? I had only had one angry lead provider call and offered to suppress his data and not show up in the widget. He said, “no” and his company’s performance has been climbing everyday since.

How Does it Work?

This has been a big question, but the answer is very simple.

The data is an aggregate representation of all lead performance within the icoSales client network. A lead provider will only be reflected in the widget if they have provided 100 or more leads in total, to the icoSales client network, during the measurement period (7 or 30 days depending on the widget you are reviewing). This is why from time to time you may see lead providers drop from the widget or notice that all of our icoSales supported lead provider partners are not in the metrics. The current column in both widgets reflects the current moving 7 or 30 day average and the previous colum reflects the 7 or 30 day moving average from the previous day.

What’s Next?

Obviously, this is only the tip of the iceberg in evaluating lead performance and marketing ROI. Therefore, the next step is to start providing more education and more tools to maximize your lead buying, as well as to help you optimize your tracking, measuring, and evaluation of lead data to get the most return on your marketing spend and sales efforts.

So, stay tuned to kaleidico.com and leadmarketwatch.com give us tons of feedback and thoughts on what you want.

Thanks for those who have already commented:

Leave comments to this post, contact us here, or email me directly.

As I used to say when I first started this company–“Your Vision, Is Our Focus!”


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