Smart-CRM, New Approach to Managing Sales Process

Not so long ago, sales organizations were overwhelmed by the sheer number of leads pouring in from the Internet. Mortgage professionals, in particular, simply couldn’t keep pace with requests from customers. In more recent times, however, as the market has shifted and the economy softened, many salespeople find themselves struggling to find clients.

Unfortunately, though, many companies looking for answers hinder their own chances for success by relying, blindly, on traditional, legacy customer relationship management (CRM) software for gathering leads and transforming them into customers.

While most CRM applications present well-organized and detailed lists, they simply can’t drive leads toward conversion. CRM is designed to handle existing customer relationships, but it often fails to create customers from leads.

In today’s online world, a different, more focused kind of technology is often required–one that collects leads, assigns them appropriately, and–most importantly–keeps them in front of salespeople until they are qualified and closed. That technology now is being rolled out in the financial-services arena as a way to drive leads to the salesperson’s screen so that he or she spends more time selling and less time organizing information.

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