lft vm-Did I help or Hurt the Sale?

This is probably the number one note in any lead management or CRM system, but am I helping or hurting? This has become an interesting discussion among our icoSales clients. So, let’s analyze a couple of side of the debate and then open it for comments:

Leave a voicemail:

  • They know I attempted to contact them and did it quickly
  • They get to hear my company’s name and a 5 sec pitch
  • It may generate an in-bound call, which reduces my contact/call ratio
  • If they call me back it is an indication of interest
  • If I leave a voicemail I don’t have to keep track of them until and if they call back

Don’t leave a voicemail:

  • I show them I am responsive with a lead receipt email and by frequently calling until I contact
  • My voicemail may not be appealing to or even deter my prospect from taking subsequent calls
  • I do not get an opportunity to pivot objections or overcome a pre-conceived notion or bias 
  • They submitted an Internet lead because they want me to do the work, not wait on hold when they call back
  • There is some data that shows that call-backs actually do not convert as well as outbound contact
  • Inbound calls are disruptive to my outbound call flow and efficiency and my interrupt my service to another customer-inbound should be handled by a different team
  • I can efficiently track call back periods and make multiple attempts per day-I don’t have to play phone tag with the customer

What are your thoughts and experiences?

3 responses to “lft vm-Did I help or Hurt the Sale?

  1. Hi Bill,

    Interesting post – what it points me to the broader topic of how to address contact strategy and contact fatigue in an outbound consultative sales environment. How many times can you reach out to someone by email, by phone, by chat – sure you want to penetrate the list, but at what point do you actually turn off a potentially lucrative customer by attempting contact too often. And, just as importantly, what is the ROI of each additional contact (taking into account not just direct incremential costs, but impact on brand, potential litigation costs, etc.)

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  3. I agree with Jason, the worry in selling via VM comes with overkill (the fatal result of contact fatigue)… for example, a certain student loan consolidation company that has called my house EVERY NIGHT for the past week. They haven’t even left a message every time, but I see their number on the caller ID, and they are making me crazy. No deal.
    There is a difference in trying to make contact and create some insurance that the customer knows who you are and doesn’t forget you, and repeatedly bludgeoning said customer with LFT VMs. That said, it’s a fine line to walk!


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