Lead Nurturing and Bite-Size Content

Our consumers are changing. Here are a couple of the things they don’t do any more:

  • Use the Yellow Pages to find your business
  • Walk into your office off the street
  • Tell their friends about you or your great service over coffee
  • Call you when they need your product or service
  • Call you back

Here are a few things they do:

  • Use Google or other search to find your business
  • Browse into your website to do business
  • Forward a short or interesting email to a friend
  • Go to the Internet, fill in a Web form, and have businesses come (compete) for them
  • Take your call when it is convenient for them

So what does this have to do with lead nurturing and bite-size content?

Marketo, a new demand generation product from former Epiphany folks, has a great post on generating customer demand (leads) with bite-sized content–YouTube style.

Your sales and lead management strategy needs to follow the same approach.

  • Make sure that your Internet store front has a lot of quickly consumable content on very micro-topics
  • Make sure that your drip emails are interesting, short, and progress on a logical premise
  • Make sure your voicemails are interesting, short, and progress on a logical path
  • Make sure that you let them know that you have there time and convenience in mind

Take a look at how we have tried to implement some of this on our site-Kaleidico.com:

One response to “Lead Nurturing and Bite-Size Content

  1. Bill, You are exactly right. Even the off-line sales environment has changed. There is so much information available to clients and prospects today. You cannot use old sales technology, you need to nurture clients and prospects with, as you say, bite size content. You need to provide value other than the product. Because of the internet, almost everyone is selling a commodity. You need to differentiate yourself from all your competition by providing bite size value whether information or other ways to show that you are different and you care.

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