Internet Sales is a Contact Sport

As most of you already know, Internet Sales is definitely a contact sport. Consumers go to the Internet for the convenience. They are trading a little bit of personal information for the convenience of not having to wait on hold at multiple lenders 800 number just to see if they are qualified or you have a competitive rate.

Of course, you already knew why they used the Internet. The question is–are your sales teams organized to maximize your contact rate, or are you just playing the traditional phone tag game?

Here are 5 simple steps to maximize contact rate and customer experience:

  1. Set up a contact/qualify team
  2. Run all your real-time leads through them and offer incentives on a transfer related metric
  3. Typically, attempt 4 calls per day before leaving message (leaving a message puts the monkey back on their back–reference why they used the Internet, above
  4. Make sure your lead management system has a hot transfer capability
  5. Create a last chance channel and team specialized in no contact leads–most of our clients are squeezing an extra 2% application rate with this method.

Why do these 5 methods consistently work? That is a much longer post on consumer behavior, psychology, and lead management analytics that I will post later for the lead market and sales academics out their.

5 responses to “Internet Sales is a Contact Sport

  1. These suggestions are pure gold if you want your company to avoid the pitfall listed below in this blog — the scary possibility of 70% of consumer internet requests going unanswered!

    Having a game plan and a team in place, which is essentially your very own high-yield type of business insurance, leads to making customers happy in the long run.

    Excellent advice.


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  4. Well Bill I’m on your side on this one, having utilized the “Pre-sales” contact team for going on 4 years we feel we have led many of the organizations out there by experience and vetting of the process. I look forward to more conversations about the processes and how to best implement the joining of teams, presales and sales.

  5. I definitely agree with you in this. Having this plan will surely help your business, together with your well-managed sales team. Who wants to lose customers, anyway? We surely don’t. Thanks for sharing!

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