Mortgage Market Meets the Internet | Wake-Up!

Morinsight is doing an interesting series on how the mortgage market, combined with technology is going to need to evolve to meet a changing Internet Consumer:

You know I am a big relationships person, but the mortgage business is going to have to learn to manage relationships with an Internet conversation, email, txt msg, Blackberries, and phones–It is the new consumer.

It saddens me every time I have a conversation with a mortgage broker and they say, “I don’t fool around with Internet leads, I get referrals.” Meanwhile, as that broker or banker is waiting for his phone to ring or a Realtor to toss them a bone there past clients are going to the Internet to see if they are in the right mortgage for the current market.

Harvesting Internet customer inquiries and managing those leads is critical to growing in a changing market. I have mortgage companies that are currently growing and taking market share by simply using proven lead generation or lead buying techniques combined with effective call center sales and lead management.

Help us wake up Morinsight!


One response to “Mortgage Market Meets the Internet | Wake-Up!

  1. Yes, the internet has definitely opened up huge doors in the home mortgages market…especially for the large brokers.

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