Top 3 Reasons 70% of Internet Consumer Inquiries Do Not Get a Response

Ever wonder why 70% of consumer’s inquiries made via the Internet never get a call or email from a sales person? I did. My curiosity got even greater when I did my own market study and found that fact to be absolutely true. What makes it even more absurd is that many of these leads are purchased. So, I asked the network on LinkedIn–here are the straw poll results (you need to register with LinkedIN, which I recommend for your own network building, also feel free to send me an invite, to wmrice [@] gmail [.] com if you are not already in my network).

Here are a few of the top hits:

  • laziness
  • too many leads
  • never get to sales (stuck in spam filters, have to be manually distributed, lost in email inbox clutter)
  • frustrated with trying to make contact
  • frustrated with low interest from consumers
  • disconnects between marketing and sales

2 responses to “Top 3 Reasons 70% of Internet Consumer Inquiries Do Not Get a Response

  1. That is so sad, considering that the new millennium has brought many changes in how we utilize technology. It’s amazing how imperative it is to have computer skills these days, whether you are a cashier at the local grocery or a real estate agent. There are several resources for potential home buyers to search the Internet and find the perfect home without an agent, and if an agent doesn’t return calls or emails, then how will they keep up with these ever-changing times that include cell phones and blackberries? You don’t have to believe me. Read the very powerful Swanepoel Trends Report that just came out this month.

  2. SEVENTY percent? While that is an astounding figure, it is in line with the idea that 20(-ish) percent of the people get 80(-ish) percent of the business. If a company is going to spend the time (and money) in selling insurance or widgets or cruises on the internet, the least they could do is be efficient about it. Sadly, I called a company about a piece of furniture on their website this very week, and was told that that ENTIRE DIVISION of their company had folded over two years ago! The website is still up, it looks viable, and everything. Pretty incredible, really, but apparently not outside of the norm.


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