Closing Gift Ideas

Closing gifts can be a great way to thank your clients, keep you top of mind for future transaction, and of course spark conversations that lead to referrals. I have always believed that closing gifts should be unique, conversations starters, and potentially viral.

Mortgage Broker Land has some good ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

One response to “Closing Gift Ideas

  1. Hello Bill,

    I’ve been marketing closing gifts to residential realtors with great success and have been curious if mortgage brokers are doing this. I guess you answered my question.

    If you like personal gifts, I’d appreciate it if you would check out my website: and let me know what you think. I’m actually in the process of changing the site and adding more custom products, so if I’ve got your attention, please check back.

    The real hit has been the custom change-of-address cards featuring an artistic rendering of the buyer’s new home. Framed enlargements of the rendering have also gone over quite well.

    I’d appreciate your letting me know what you thing. Is this something I should put in front of mortgage brokers?

    I appreciate your time.

    Diane Adler

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