Better Closer is Coming to Seattle on Feb 13th

Are you ready to be the top performer? The one everyone comes to and begs for the silver bullet.

First, there is no silver bullet! Your top performers build a business first with attitude, then with discipline, and finally with a lot of hard work.

Unfortunately, books and tapes often only cover success stories from the 10 yard line to the end zone; leaving out all the tough fought 2-3 yard plays that just move the ball forward. Plays that give your success a Red Zone opportunity.

Are you ready to start building your $10 mm Sales Plan in 2007? Good. Then come join Bill Rice, CEO of Kaleidico and author of the Better Closer Blog as he gives you ideas to fuel your sales performance.

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007
Time: 8 am PST
Location: Holiday Inn Express
19621 International Blvd.
SeaTac, WA 98188

In this live sales meeting, you will learn the foundation Bill used to create mortgage sales teams full of $10 mm men and women:

* Taking Control and Doing the Hard Work
* Building a Network as a Contact Sport
* Being THE Expert
* Adapting to a New Market
* Relentless in Serving the Customer



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