5 Reasons to Be First to the Prospect

We, at Kaleidico, are in the midst of a market study related to our lead management solution, icoSales, and the results are quite frankly ridiculous.

We are in a doom and gloom mortgage market, the media says the mortgage sky is falling, and loan officers tell me every day their pipelines are drying up, yet 75% of the applicants in our study are not even getting one telephone call! Only one mortgage company has made a second call. Then the craziest of all, one company sent a letter as their only contact to an Internet customer inquiry!

Okay, enough rant and on to what will make you money–5 Reasons to Be First to the Prospect (and according to the data, probably the only one):

  2. The consumer went to the Internet because they are busy. If they only have time for one 15 minute conversation don’t you want that conversation to be yours?
  3. Don’t let a crappy, non-customer focused Mortgage Broker poison the water
  4. Make the next loan officer or Mortgage Banker’s sales pitch a monumental mountain of objections. I call it setting competitive trap doors. You know all the pitfalls of their products. Don’t ever mention their name, but educate your prospect to ask about every one of them
  5. Most importantly, you can guarantee you are first there for $50/month–so why wouldn’t you. See reason 1.

Respect your prospects enough to at least return their call. Not calling an Internet inquiry is like leaving a “I want a mortgage” message on your voicemail unreturned!


2 responses to “5 Reasons to Be First to the Prospect

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