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Top 3 Reasons 70% of Internet Consumer Inquiries Do Not Get a Response

Ever wonder why 70% of consumer’s inquiries made via the Internet never get a call or email from a sales person? I did. My curiosity got even greater when I did my own market study and found that fact to be absolutely true. What makes it even more absurd is that many of these leads are purchased. So, I asked the network on LinkedIn–here are the straw poll results (you need to register with LinkedIN, which I recommend for your own network building, also feel free to send me an invite, to wmrice [@] gmail [.] com if you are not already in my network).

Here are a few of the top hits:

  • laziness
  • too many leads
  • never get to sales (stuck in spam filters, have to be manually distributed, lost in email inbox clutter)
  • frustrated with trying to make contact
  • frustrated with low interest from consumers
  • disconnects between marketing and sales

Objections Help Close Sales

Do you ever hear objections when you are presenting your products or service to a prospect? Good! Because, as Carson McKee points out in his closing tips post that means you are moving towards a closing.

Objections are the next best thing to closing the sale. That may sound crazy, but it’s true – by stating objections the prospect is actually telling you how to close them.

Unfortunately, we often get discouraged by objections and our confidence begins to wane. Like Carson suggests, quite to the contrary, it is at this point that you should begin to listen to those objections, build trust, and understand that the prospect is telling you what will make them a buyer.

(Via Direct Contact Blog.)

Closing Gift Ideas

Closing gifts can be a great way to thank your clients, keep you top of mind for future transaction, and of course spark conversations that lead to referrals. I have always believed that closing gifts should be unique, conversations starters, and potentially viral.

Mortgage Broker Land has some good ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Get a Consistent Contact Strategy

If you are looking to consistently close more of your Internet leads Jason cites as close to a silver bullet solution as there is in this growing sales environment–creating a telemarketing front-end.

This ability to quickly receive, contact, and pre-qualify fresh inquiries is critical. It gives a more responsive and trust-building customer experience and allows for the prompt triage of high volumes of inquiries. Having made initial contact and assessing the consumer’s true need that telemarketing group can effectively hot transfer (provided your lead management system has that feature) that lead data and phone conversation to a more skill or appropriately licensed mortgage loan officer, realtor, education enrollment counselor, or insurance agent or statusing the lead into a lead nurturing or cultivation process if the consumer is not ready or not immediately qualified.

If you are not working you Internet leads like this you are definitely affecting your conversion rate and frustrating you skilled sales people.

Great Human Readable Mortgage Market Analysis

I just came across Dan Green’s The Mortgage Reports blog (via Joe Zekas’ Yo!Chicago site). This is a great way to keep your team and even your clients informed in a human readable, understandable form about the complexities of market.

Whether it is your website, a blog, a telephone call, or a conversation at a client’s dinner table talk about the complexities, that is your job and responsibility to your client. However, do it in a human voice!

Better Closer is Coming to Seattle on Feb 13th

Are you ready to be the top performer? The one everyone comes to and begs for the silver bullet.

First, there is no silver bullet! Your top performers build a business first with attitude, then with discipline, and finally with a lot of hard work.

Unfortunately, books and tapes often only cover success stories from the 10 yard line to the end zone; leaving out all the tough fought 2-3 yard plays that just move the ball forward. Plays that give your success a Red Zone opportunity.

Are you ready to start building your $10 mm Sales Plan in 2007? Good. Then come join Bill Rice, CEO of Kaleidico and author of the Better Closer Blog as he gives you ideas to fuel your sales performance.

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007
Time: 8 am PST
Location: Holiday Inn Express
19621 International Blvd.
SeaTac, WA 98188

In this live sales meeting, you will learn the foundation Bill used to create mortgage sales teams full of $10 mm men and women:

* Taking Control and Doing the Hard Work
* Building a Network as a Contact Sport
* Being THE Expert
* Adapting to a New Market
* Relentless in Serving the Customer


Adding Trust to the Sale

I just picked up a copy of Trust-Based Selling, by Charles H. Green based on my recent discovery of the Trusted Advisor Blog.

I think this a crucial topic in selling that is amazingly rarely discussed. Instead we often focus on building rapport and psychological tricks to simulate a low emotional trust relationship.

I will post a review when I finish, but about 100 pages in I already like his approach. It has academic depth and is well-supported with analysis and case studies, not your typical feel-good, go get’em tiger sales book.