Mostly Failing with “Always Be Closing”

The mantra, “always be closing,” is a familar tune chanted by many a sales person. In fact, the concept is even embedded in the name of this blog. Why? Because that is the silver bullet everyone is searching for and I don’t think many people would come to a blog called Better Relationships for sales tips and techniques, but you should.

Closing focused selling, as Charles H. Green highlights in Stop Trying to Close the Sales, is an attitude that will lead you into frustration and failure.

If you want to sell more. Make more contact and build more relationships. Focus on the person. People buy people in a sales process, not a price or a clever hard closing line.

(Via Trusted Advisor Associates.)

2 responses to “Mostly Failing with “Always Be Closing”

  1. Great piece! Couldn’t agree more! If you want to close a sale, it’s really important that you focus on the person. Some tips I can add, stay with the buyer as much as possible without pestering them and don’t upsell unless it’s what the customer wants. Enjoyed reading your blog!

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  2. Excellent read! Building relationship with customers is more important than just closing a sale. When you build relationship it makes customers feel more like a family and will continue buying from you. That’s what we want, loyalty and customer retention. Thanks for your insightful article. Looking forward to read more.

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