Attitude Sells!

Jeffrey Gitomer has just released his latest “little” book–Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude. As typical, it is packed with motivation and spoon-fed doses of edgy action steps. You should get it. Even if you have a great attitude we all need something like this to pull off the shelf and focus us when the cards are down.

For those of you that don’t get it you are probably saying–(in a whiny voice) what does my attitude have to do with my sales numbers? Everything!

Your attitude seeps into everything.

Here is what a crappy attitude brings:

  • shouting matches with your spouse
  • lunches alone at work
  • un-invites to the neighborhood block party
  • lonely afternoons at the driving range instead of foursomes on the links
  • no invitation to the girls annual trip to Vegas
  • hang-ups and no-replies to your sales calls

Here is what a Superior Attitude gets you:

  • Peaceful rejuvenating evenings with you spouse, who mentioned you business to someone he ran into at a meeting today and mentioned your business–“Here’s his name and number honey. He says give him a call. He is interested”
  • Lunch with Bob and Susie at work. Bob says to you: “Your the Ace in the office. I have this tough sale I am working on. If you help me bring it in I’ll split the commission with you”
  • Invites to every neighborhood gathering where you are the recognized go to guy for your product or service. You get two referrals.
  • Your on two golf leagues and you often get your buddies giving you names and numbers–leads
  • You go to Vegas and generate a lead at the craps table
  • People are calling you and eager to take your calls

Attitude Sells!

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