30 Minute (or less) Customer Loyalty Program

It continues to amaze me that sales people, particularly in the mortgage business, get on this grueling treadmill of always looking for people to call. I know how frustrating this process of continually looking for new prospects can be, but we often overlook our greatest source of annuity business–our past customers and their friends.

If you don’t have a personal customer loyalty program you should. I am going to show you how to create one in 30 minutes or less:

  1. Buy a Web domain, preferably your name
  2. Create a Web page about You. What you do and I why I should do business with you
  3. Start a blog. This should be about your customers, not you! Give them information
  4. Gather your past customers email addresses and start an informational email newsletter–again this is about them, not you. It will demonstrate you as the expert, keep you top of mind, and give them a simple way to refer you
  5. Get a lead management system to effectively manage ongoing sales processes and email campaigns.

Total Cost: ~$100/month

  1. Domain: $9.00 (annually)
  2. Web page: FREE
  3. Blog: Free
  4. Email Newsletter: $50/month
  5. Lead Management Software: $50/month

For 30 minutes of your time and about $100 a month, what are you waiting for? Make your past customers your best lead source!

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