5 Steps to Emails that Work

Open up your Inbox and you can see, anybody with a computer can create an email, and apparently does. The trick is making your email get results. In any campaign, it is imperative that you gain the reader’s attention, make them feel their pain or notice their competitive disadvantage, and then fix it with your product. If your successful, you start a conversation that will lead you into what you do best–selling. Below are the five most important elements getting your emails opened and converted into sales conversations.

  1. This Time It’s Personal– Who are you talking to? This is an email, not a billboard or a magazine. You have to show the individual person that you know them. Or at least care to know them. Use their name in the body of the email. If you were meeting them in person, you would call them by name, right? Do the same in the email. Besides, an email with my name in it gets read. If it doesn’t look like you know me or want to, good luck.
  2. A Tailored Fit– Not all clients are equal. You need to make it speak to them. I hear you- “But, Keith, I don’t know them yet! How can I tailor an email?” Good point-I like where your heads at-but no-you’re wrong. You want to be different? You want to stand out? This is where it happens. Are you contacting a business? Find out about their company, their industry, their market. Are you contacting an individual? Talk regionally, sports teams, news, etc. Here’s the little secret- it’s not necessarily what you say, it’s the fact that you said it. You took the time to be different from everyone. Your extra work/effort is obvious You took the time talk about them, not you.
  3. Give It To Me Straight– Why do you take the medicine the doctor prescribes you? Because it tastes great? Because it looks good? No. You take it because the doctor told you that you have a problem and the medicine will fix it. You never would have swallowed the pill if she didn’t tell you it would cure the problem, right? Same with your email. The prospect will never buy your product until you tell them what their problem is and show them that your medicine is the antidote.
  4. Talk In Their Language– English? That’s not what I mean. Using the doctor analogy again, if they give you medical jargon that you don’t understand, you would look glassy eyed at them and do nothing. Speak in your language- “6 months to live”-now you’re buying what the doctor’s selling. Same with your business-don’t assume your vocabulary is the same as the prospects. The messaging can get lost just like your email.
  5. Don’t Leave Me Hanging– How do you end your emails? Are you setting assumed appointments? Are you asking them a question that needs answered? Are you telling them when you will call to follow up? In order for you to turn a prospect into a client, you have to control the communication until it reaches the next stage. Otherwise, you just set the table for the next guy who will.

Take the time to make the email meaningful. Your prospect will read the email if you make it readable and they will take action if you make them. When it comes down to it, the success of the email depends on you. Stop assuming the prospect gets it. Leave no doubt in your mind or theirs.

–Keith Burwell

2 responses to “5 Steps to Emails that Work

  1. Shiya Almeida, Loan Consultant

    I agree with making the e-mail personal by using their name in the body. Of course it should be used at the Greeting and within at least the second sentence. Maybe start off by saying: I’m sure that you are very intelligent, in making decisions that can affect the future of your financial status. That is why I would like the opportunity to earn your business regarding your Home Mortgage.

    Is that personal enough?

  2. It is an undeniable fact that emails in business communication have great importance nowadays. So it is essential that we know how to create effective and efficient business emails to get results. I agree with all the steps you have listed here to make an email work for you. Especially the part where you need to speak the language of your readers. That is very important to get your message across clearly and effectively.

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