Selling Secret Weapons–Recruiting and Training

Jason Stoffer, over at Stoffers’ Soapbox, has a great summary of the fundamental rules to effective  lead and sales management. In fact, he points out two very critical, but seldom talked about secret weapons of the best call centers or inside sales–recruiting and training.

Successful high performance inside sales is very much about attitude and knowledge.

Looking for and detecting potential in sales candidates is tough. It is more important to see intensity or at least a fire that can be stoked. I have often found that clear, hungry minds were the best. I got my best sales people from the marketing and business colleges of the local Universities and at the cell phone kiosks at the mall. Two totally different people, but the right ones plucked can be dynamite to you top line.

Teaching our sales people how to focus their intensity and feed their minds with knowledge about their prospects, their company, and their products is also critical. Combine that with a constant reminder to be aware of the world around them–they have to learn how to talk to people with out the edge of their expertise and industry jargon.


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