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Don’t You Hope the Problem is You?

I was talking to a mentor the other day about Sales Whining. It seeps in and can be a cancer on the whole team. Here was his advice.

There are only 3 things you need to evaluate if your sales are struggling:

  1. Is there is a market for my product?
  2. Is there is a product the market will buy?
  3. Is the sales person able to sell?

If your sales whine is there is no market. The business doesn’t need a sales person.

If your sales whine is the market won’t buy our product. The business doesn’t need a sales person.

Don’t you hope the problem is you?

Go “kick your own butt” and stop whining!


Looking for a Fast Nickel or a Slow Quarter?

Mick Bradley writes a nice article: Looking for a Fast Nickel or a Slow Quarter?

Unfortunately, it seems we forget sales is about hard work and building a foundation for success–not the quick buck. As Mick’s article highlights, the fast nickel runs in short and fleeting cycles whereas hard work builds wealth.

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Give Value First–The Jeffrey Gitomer Way

I was in Vegas this week for the Western Regional Mortgage Broker show and got the opportunity to meet and talk to Jeffrey Gitomer for the first time.

He has been a major influencer of my sales philosophy and how these principles are applied to my company’s customer acquisition (lead management) software.

Here is the cornerstone of Jeffrey Gitomer, and now my, sales philosophy:

“Give Value First”

Not only is this important because it builds relationships, respect, trust, and plain likeability (things that bring you sales by the bucket full), but it breaks down barriers. These are barriers that are the distractions to your sale. I have talked about this before, but let me give you a couple of examples you can probably put into action on your calls today:

Customer: Yeah, I definitely need to get out of my ARM before it goes up, but I gotta get my taxes straightened out–you know it is tax season.

You: Oh, I know what that is like, but I don’t stress about it any more. [Going into your accountant relationship file] Susie Smith is my accountant now and he makes my tax season feel like bonus time. Let me put you two together and I am going to give you $500 off your closing so you can pay him and get piece of mind on your taxes and your mortgage.

I bet this gets you a closed deal and a referral out of Susie Smith!

Customer: I just lost my job. So, now I am “consulting.” I really need to get that going before I get this refinance done

You: I know how consulting can be. A little scary, huh? Well lets get this ARM refinanced so you don’t have to worry about that and I want to put you together with a great recruiter I know that can find you the perfect opportunity.

Another closed deal and another referral in the long-term pipeline!

Customer: We are moving with this new job and I am trying to get a feel for where to live before I get the mortgage started.

You: Coming to a new area is always overwhelming. Let me put you together with my realtor. He knew everything about Pleasantville–schools, shopping, commuting routes. Meanwhile, I will get you pre-approved so it is like caring cash into your dream home purchase.

Three deals and a third referral!

BTW, If these are not on your book shelf they should be:

The Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships

Little Red Book of Sales Answers: 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money

Go Buy Internet Leads?

Has your company tapped you on the shoulder to be the expert on buying Internet leads? Or are you just looking to grow your own business by venturing into the Internet channel?

Either way, tapping into the Internet for sources of leads is a quick way to expand your business and sustain production levels in a changing environment. One of the most efficient ways to start getting customers from the Internet (where 75% of buyer start their buying process these days) is from a lead provider.

Having said all that it can be a little dicey in terms of quality and wasted money if you don’t start with a little guidance and due diligence advise.

Hopefully, my recent article: 8 Things You Should Know About Lead Buying can help your success.

We are Now!

Nothing has changed. I just thought this was a more appropriate title and URL for this blog. You will still get the same great sales and lead management tips and techniques that will have you closing more deals today.

Our mission: To make you a BETTER CLOSER!

Want to Sell Better? Write Everyday!

What? Write to sell better? I talk when I sell. Right, but writing makes you think. Thinking makes you refine. Refining makes your conversations clearer and more compelling. And more compelling makes people buyers.

So, start writing, everyday. Here is a great place to start.

Next step, is to find the right media to publish: email, blog, newsletter, website, book. I’ll give you some more clues in a future post.

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