Sales Needs Less Leads? Only If You Can’t Manage Them

Articles like this–Three Reasons Why Sales Needs Fewer Leads–drives me crazy! It also demonstrates why you shouldn’t look to CRM for a customer acquisition solution. They just don’t get it. There is talk about giving sales less leads because somehow less means better???

Take for instance this paragraph:

In the past, sales reps have wasted huge amounts of time following up on unqualified leads from marketing. For this reason, sales reps–especially those who make their money through commission– become resistant to marketing-generated leads, assuming they’re the same old, same old. Thus, these leads are largely ignored.

Where is the solution? Why not verify the lead before the sales person ever gets the lead? Don’t generate less, just verify better.

If you have the efficiency of lead verification and lead management your marketing lead quantity and quality are a moot point.

I say feed me lots of conversations at the right price and I will blow up your Top Line!

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