CRM is not for Sales

Here is another post–B2B Lead Generation Blog: E-book: Why Naked CRM Doesn’t Work–supporting the concept that CRM is actually working against sales and ultimately marketing.

This disconnect often occurs when software is developed with the buyer in mind not the USER. CRM and arguably ERP software categories were designed from the management reporting down. “I want this reporting information so create fields and check boxes that my business sales people can fill in to tell me what is going on.”

Sales software, customer acquisition, or lead management systems (pick your favorite term) should track the sales flow and enforce a disciplined, proven sales process. Let me explain in more detail.

When you log onto the typical CRM system you are immediately overwhelmed by the fact that you have to spend hours setting up you sales environment.

  • Day 1: I have to get my contacts in, set-up my defined tasks, connect with my email account, go through my prospects and assign various statuses or percentages. Ugh. There went a day of production.
  • Day 2: My email still doesn’t work with it. My voicemails is full and I still don’t have my new leads inputted. Another day and no sales calls. So, I go through and BS my statuses to catch up and keep the Sales Director off my back.
  • Day 3: Beyond ridiculously frustrated. But, I figured out how to game the system. I go back to managing my sales in Outlook and a legal pad. Thank heavens I am SELLING again.

Now let’s replace the CRM system with a good lead management system (maybe even make the CRM the back-end for purposes of management reporting and cool customer loyalty stuff). When you log in you see your first lead and support features like scheduling and email templates.

  • Day 1: Leads flowing in automatically and new ones in real-time. They are load and shoot style. They are loaded up one at a time, which intensely focuses me on shooting them down with an action or a closing to move to the next prospect. Wow, I am selling! And each action on every lead goes to management reporting.
  • Day 2: My pipeline is beginning to fill with leads at various stages, but the load and shoot method still keeps me revisiting each lead on a regular basis, nurturing and cultivating each lead, moving them forward. I feel a rhythm.
  • Day 3: I am selling! Making calls, scheduling appointments, sending email teasers, ticklers, and campaigns all from my sales console. No need to go to Outlook, everything is here. No distractions…I feel my sales velocity increasing. Oh, and no one is on my back because my actions are automatically captured for reporting.
  • (Via B2B Lead Generation Blog.)


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