What is Lead Management?

If you are not sure about what lead management is or why you might need it here are a couple of resources I have published out recently:

Wikipedia: Lead Management
Squidoo: 5 Reasons You Need Lead Management

2 responses to “What is Lead Management?

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the links I am really interested in this concept and found a great website that offers a good automated system that generates leads. The company seems to only operate for service based companies rather than product based but for my company “Fusion Web Design” they provide fantastic leads. I have had leads that cost £12 a lead and produce £3500 jobs. I have now had £550, £1200, £1300, £2100, £3400 jobs!! I cannot fault their services.

    The site is http://www.theseed.com

    I advise you to check it out!



  2. Interesting Tom.

    We will definitely talk to them. We are always looking to broaden our partnerships with quality lead providers.

    Best of luck growing your business!

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