Lead Quality Doesn’t Matter

I get a lot of questions about lead quality. You want my opinion?

It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter.

What does matter is understanding what you are getting. If I am getting leads originated from public records, trigger files, “get a free ipod” emails, affilitate pop ups, or Wall Street Journal Online real estate media, it doesn’t matter. What matters, is adjusting your sales processes and strategies to target those prospects. Here is a short list of how to tactically adjust your sales methods for any lead quality:

1. Effectively manage and observe lead flow and sales performance

My suggestion, of course, is a lead management system The best in the land–icoSales. You have to be able to watch what is working and what isn’t.

2. Use a telemarketing style front-end to qualify leads

This is a fast and efficient way to drill through leads that are not homogeneous in their quality. This can give a significant increase in the productivity of your highly skilled sales professionals.

3. Have scripts and processes tailored to each lead source

They all give different customer expectations. You should make the customer experience, from the point of lead generation to your closing, seamless and fluid to the customer.

4. Don’t let sales people whine

If you let lead quality be an excuse, it will be a factor. Attitude is everything and if it flows from the brain to the voice the prospect will hear it. You will not get the deal. They may have been tricked into submitting the lead information, they may be looking for a free iPod, but that does not preclude you from building a relationship that will some day or many years to come be a client.

And if they close with you and they expected an iPod, surprise them and send them one. Is a couple hundred dollars worth a customer for life?

5. Pay the Right Price!

See #1. If you can see and evaluate the quality, you can pay the right price. Price should be a function of acceptable cost per closing and nothing else.


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