Lead with the “No Shits”

I was talking to a very wise and successful mentor the other day about sales processes and he imparted a very interesting and effective strategy–the no shits methodology.

Think for a minute about your own sales script or process.

How many times do you jump right out at your prospect with your key differentiator or your perceived value? Most of us, right? Unfortunately, that is typically the most debatable portion of our sales process, because it is something that the prospect probably has not experienced yet.

The result of this process is to place the prospect in a state of skepticism, defense, or pondering. Any of which takes their attention away from buying. So, here is the no shit technique in action.

Start with a couple of no shits.

You have a 3 year IO ARM that only has a one year left, huh?

Have you noticed that the mortgage interest rates have been going up?

Have you heard the experts talking about a lot of areas, including yours, where homes are not appreciating that much anymore?

The economy does not seem to be that great, with people losing jobs, and talk of inflation–did you know they raise rate to slow inflation?

Then go back to your typical sales technique.

Well, with there being no question that interest rates are going to continue to go up for the foreseeable future, and your house isn’t going to appreciate that much, we better get you into that 30 year fixed now.

If we wait to get you into a fixed rate in a year you could be at 8% or 9% and it will quickly wipe out any savings you had in the last year.

We can still do the 30 year interest-only, would you prefer that over the principle and interest version?

Deal closed!

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