Buying Leads without Lead Management is Foolish

Is it a good idea to start buying leads without determining how you and your sales force might manage them? Let’s do the math on how big the problem might get in 30 days and then answer that question.

Lead Management Problem.jpg

Are you confident you or any one of your sales professionals can manage a 145 and quickly growing prospective customer pipeline? At $45-$65 per lead every 1% mistake in conversion will mean a loss of $225-$325 per 500 leads.

Even the most average lead management system will yield you a 2%-5% lift over email management of leads. So, now you have $600-$1500 in improved ROI per 500 leads, but the big result is on the revenue side. What does 2%-5% lift in closings yield you?

Time to find a lead management system…


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