Optimize Lead Buys

Are you buying or generating the optimal number of leads? Hopefully, this is a question your marketing and sales teams can conclude from your lead management process. However, I bet the majority of you don’t know the answer to this question and quite honestly it will vary by the capabilities and process of each sales person.

This variability, without proper tracking and metrics, can be responsible for a significant impact on your marketing ROI. The simple algorithm of total leads generated or purchased divided by number of sales persons is hazardous. Although there are general rules of thumb, like: giving sales professionals 5-10 new leads per day and managing a pipeline of 100-150 total leads; however, these same guidelines with an inexperienced sales person or without visibility into individual performance can be the recipe for a 1% conversion rate, thousands of dollars in wasted marketing budget. Yet in contrast, it may be light for your All-stars.

In fact, I can generally make the statement that the top consumer of “fresh” leads will be in you bottom 10-20% and will be costing you significant percentages off your marketing ROI.

The important take away is measure and monitor conversion rates, unusual fling budget, and a fast track to increasing turn-over (if you even notice the problem). uctuations in lead accumulation, and lack of pipeline turnover.


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