Do You Know Your Target Customer?

We all get comfortable with certain buyer and product profiles. Both become elements of our sweet spot or sales profile. However, if you don’t study, understand, and perfect that profile then you might work yourself into a slump.

I like to think of sales teams like baseball teams. They are made up of players that have skills and roles that need to work in concert to maximize revenue, like wins. The best teams are not all home run hitters, what would a bunch of solo home runs be worth with their disproportionate K’s. And big hitters never get pitched to if the supporting batting is not formidable. Have you ever tried to land a big account without a supportable base of mid-size clients to give them confidence you “can handle their scale?” Absolutely not.

Now the question is do you know your role and your target customer that supports the overall team objectives? This is where you should look to your lead management process. You need to be tracking your sales process and pipeline performance for key metrics that profile this target.

Things you are probably looking at:

  • Products you are selling most often
  • Customer demographics
  • Deal size

Additional things you should get from your lead management solution and leverage

  • Average margin & fees by product–higher=on target
  • Sales velocity (time from lead receipt to contact, to presentation, to close)–shorter=target
  • Conversion rate by channel–different marketing channels and approaches bring different customers
  • Mix of new leads and maximum pipeline that gives me the best conversion rate–lead management system and sales automation can minimize this effect, but it has a bigger effect than you may think

There are many more, but the point is really leverage your lead management data to understand your target customer to maximize each opportunity that fits your sweet spot. Don’t forget to continue learning and practicing techniques that then begin to expand that sweet spot.


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